A Quotation from Heinrich von Kleist

Gefunden in: Francis W. Kelsey: German war medals in the light of history (Ann Arbor: Univ. of Michigan, 1919), S. 19:
The Allied Powers. By K. Götz. [Karl Goetz]
On the observe is a chimera-like monster representing the »Alliance of Crafty Spite of 1915«. Of the various heads the Cock stands for France, the Lions for Belgium and England, the Bear for Russia, the Ape for Japan. Below is Italy as a naked child, drawing what profit it can from the situation.
On the reverse is a representation of the Last Judgment: God in the clouds holding a sickle, and the world in flames. A quotation from Heinrich von Kleist runs: »Smite him dead! The Day of Judgment will not ask your reasons!«

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