Über kurz oder lang

Tomoyuki Hoshino in seinem Essay Pink (Granta, Nr. 127 [Frühjahr 2014]; aus dem Japanischen übers. v. Brian Bergstrom):
»The writer Yoko Tawada, who publishes in both German and Japanese, wrote an essay in her book Exophony about her negative reaction to the first translations into Japanese of the German author Heinrich von Kleist. She objects to the splitting up of his distinctively long sentences into more orthodox prose. She writes:
There is no objectively ›correct‹ length for a sentence. Short or long, a sentence’s length is just another method available for conveying meaning. Reading Kleist’s sentences, the cells of my brain (and even elsewhere) are stimulated directly by a delight in the workings of language itself. Sentences that can channel the vibrations of such delight to simulate an earthquake or shake the foundations of what we call history cannot accurately be called bad.« http://www.granta.com/New-Writing/Pink

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